The Beginning

Gosh, it’s been too long!

In April, I got married!


In May, we moved back to Maine and the waiting was killing us…

But we’ve finally started!


The cabin is in the process! It’s amazing what we got done in a weekend.


On Saturday, we received the lumber, squared the corners, set the blocks, constructed the base beams, set the joists ready for sunday and leveled the whole thing.


On Sunday, after buying nails and liquid nails, we squared and cut the joists, screwed them and the facing on then started caulking and nailing the boards in place for the floor! We secured the center joists (where the 12 ft boards meet in the middle) and kept going. We got more than halfway done on the floor- made excellent time and we almost have a whole floor (will be completed by Wednesday!)


That was the most work I think I’ve ever done. Despite covering up with a sun hat and long sleeves, I still have bad sunburn on my neck and hands. I have blisters from hammering the boards all day yesterday. I must say, I am exhausted! But after a rough May, it is wonderful to start off June with hard work and well… a floor!

Four walls and a roof… coming soon 🙂


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