Welcome 2014!

While I did not have a great night last night (every new year’s eve ends up being kind of crappy, at least for me) I am determined to make today and this year the best it can be.

I don’t like formal resolutions. At least, not for New Years. As I said before, too much celebrating usually results in a sick and unmotivated Bonnie for the first day of the year. So I’m doing an unofficial “more” and “less” list. It’s too much for me right now to say “I’m going to lose twenty pounds this year” or “I’m going to give up sugar” – so I feel like it’s simpler to strive to do more healthy things and less unhealthy things.

More of… in 2014:
1. Writing
2. Fruits
3. Veggies
4. Exercise
5. Crafting
6. Yoga
7. Breathing
8. Smiling
9. Love
10. Peace

Less of… in 2014:
1. Movies
2. Sugar
3. Alcohol
4. Doing nothing
5. Feeling inadequate
6. Slouching
7. Procrastinating
8. Worrying
9. Hate
10. Fighting

I think these small goals will be easier to complete than big, scary goals. Plus, if I do enough of them, maybe they’ll add up to my achieving those big, scary goals without even trying. 🙂

Happy 2014 to everyone! I wish you all peace and prosperity in the New Year.