I Sit Too Much

This morning, I was emailed an article about sitting from a friend who’s a Postural Realignment Specialist- guess what? It’s not too good for you. When I had him analyze my posture, he found that one of my shoulders is pinched, I’m slightly knock kneed and I slouch a bit. And that’s unfortunately when I think I’m standing up straight. This mornings email about sitting really reminded me of how much I’ve been sitting compared to before I moved- and how much I need to keep up with my posture exercises.

I’m still adjusting to Maine weather, and I’ve certainly spent more time indoors than I’d like to admit. I’m definitely planning on spending lots of time outdoors come Springtime- especially with working the land, getting the garden and greenhouse set up and getting the cabin built.

Some suggestions he has include watching television while standing or doing some exercises, mainly doing standing exercises as opposed to stationary cycling (unless you’re wheelchair bound), going for walks, or getting a standing desk. He even says that standing 20 minutes for every hour sitting at a desk working would make a difference.

It’s noon and I’ve been testing this theory since I woke up around 8am. I’ve taken it farther, by only sitting 20 minutes before getting up to do something. So far, my apartment is tidier, I’ve done squats, lunges and wall push ups and I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I did watch a movie while exercising, so I don’t know how well I’ll do when trying to read. Overall, in order to improve my health, I think I’m gonna get up and move around more.

Here’s the article: